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Long Stay


A lot more than just a home away from home

Introducing Blue Jay Long Stays

Do you want to break the monotony of working from home? Are you longing to live in the mountains or looking for a perfect place to spend a valuable vacation? Well, your search ends here with Blue Jay Long Stays!

Book a bed in our dorm or reserve a private room with pocket-friendly discounts for longer stays. Easy and convenient, quick and safe.

Station your work in a brand new home that will take care of your safety and allow you to spend some free time with your new pals in the midst of the enchanting nature. Socialise with movie nights,music nights, dinner together and other social activities, relax with early morning Yoga sessions, hike with our team, discover and explore the fascinating Himalayan city of Rishikesh.

Enjoy a peaceful and memorable stay at Blue Jay!

Contactless Check In

Safe and Secure

Regular Temperature Checks

Sound and Healthy

Daily Disinfection

Clean and Hygienic

Well-trained Staff

Attractive and helpful

Check In:
Check In:

Covid 19 Guidelines

  • #your safety is our priority
  • Covid Faqs
  • How to reach Rishikesh
  • Mobile Check In

Your safety is always our priority, so we are taking universal safety and sanitation measures recommended by WHO and other formal bodies to ensure a safe stay for everyone. Some measures we have taken:

Gone cashless Introduced contactless mobile check-in and check out All payments and check-in formalities are done prior to arrival Guests can now avail in room food service Daily disinfection of the entire property twice a day Daily temperature check of both guests and staff Travel history and COVID reports are collected for record keeping.

For more information on other safety measures, please visit our COVID page.

Masks, gloves and pocket sanitizers
A towel and some sanitizing wipes
An infrared thermometer
Clean clothes and undergarments to change whenever necessary
An extra pair of slippers

You can cancel a long stay booking by contacting our reservations department. Please note that no refunds will be issued for a long stay reservation. However, we are open to rescheduling and you can easily get your stay dates rescheduled in the calendar year.

Taking into account social distancing measures, we have reduced the occupancy of our dorms by 50%. So, you can book a single bed in a dormitory, subject to availability.
You can also choose between our private rooms. Check our booking toggle for the room types available.

We are accepting bookings from other states except high load COVID areas. Please read Uttarakhand State's quarantine rules before planning your trip or making a booking. An RT-PCR COVID negative test report (ICMR approved) is required for check-in.

You can stay for a maximum of 4-12 weeks. We accept both short and long stays, but recommend that you book a longer stay and do not switch from one accommodation to another. We also have some amazing long stay discounts and perks. Use the booking toggle for more information.

We have set up nice workspaces with fast and free Wi-Fi service equipped with masks and sanitizers to make your work easier.

The current validity of long stays is November 30th. We could reconsider extending the validity depending on state guidelines and feasibility.

We've got all of your hunger pangs covered. Our in-house café serves freshly prepared dishes that are prepared in a hygienic kitchen. You can choose from a meal package of INR 450 for 3 meals a day or choose from our a la carte menu.

We believe in transparency and fair treatment. Apart from your booking and meal costs, there are no hidden costs, additional costs or security deposits.

Hola Amigos!

Well Well! While you were out there preparing for your journey, we were bracing ourselves to welcome you. Play by the rules and help us make your stay fun and safe. Protect yourself and the others.
The Do’s and Dont’s
  1. Practice hand and respiratory hygiene everywhere in the hostel.
  2. Wear clean masks at all times.
  3. Maintain at least 6 feet distance between yourself and others. Avoid forming groups or talking in groups.
  4. We record your temperature every day and expect your cooperation with our staff to monitor your health.
  5. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention. Also, let our team know if you have such symptoms so we can guide you and refer you to the local health authority.
  6. Our team will distribute important guidelines and important information in a timely manner. Stay up to date with new updates.
  7. When in room :
    • Keep your doors closed at all times.
    • rooms are cleaned and disinfected on request. Please help our housekeeping team to keep your rooms clean.
    • Do not spit inside the room or in the balcony.
    • Use a garbage bag to dispose of all your garbage. Do not leave any garbage inside the room.
    • Visitors are not allowed inside the room.
  8. Thermal Screening
    We are required to conduct mandatory temperature checks prior to admitting guests to the hostel premises to ensure your safety and we expect your cooperation in establishing a safe atmosphere.
    Please note that only guests with a body temperature below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit are allowed to enter the hostel. Any guest with a higher temperature will be referred to the nearest medical facility.
    In this case, a medical certificate is required to proceed with check-in
    Thermal screening is done daily to ensure our guests are healthy.
    If you have any questions, please contact our reception. We are always there for you.
  9. Zero Waste Tolerance
    Guests are advised to properly dispose of all garbage. We are required to take strict measures against waste and unsanitary practices.
Do you have any difficulties?

Please contact us

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