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Once Upon a Time

The story is about the time when friendship was understood in a different way and a sense of belonging was seen in a very different way. A business that stands only on the foundation of emotion, culture and travel, a backpacker Hostel.

Bucket List Goa

When we talk about hostels, we talk about travel and people. Traveling does not mean simply going to a place, visiting some famous tourist places, not just sleeping in a hotel room, it is an extensive experience that allows you to connect with people, to something that adds an essence and creates memories for life. A travel hostel adds soul to this voyage of yours.

To kya hai ye backpacker Hostel? (So, what exactly is a backpacker Hostel?)

A hostel can have multiple and varied definitions, different meanings for different people and that is exactly what is unique and adds a character to the whole concept of a backpacker Hostel. These tiny little components that have completely reinvented how we can now see friendship, vivid experiences, solo backpacking, all in one interesting journey.

In a nutshell, a backpacker hostel is a community space where backpackers, usually, young travellers house safely with like-minded travellers who share the same spirit of travel around the world. It connects a place with people, people with people, those mutually nostalgic connections and memories that stay for life. Every reference of your experience stirs up those feelings and emotions and you remember the sweet past moments.

What brings you to a Hostel?


It’s fun how we talk about solo backpacking while we choose to stay in a place where we meet people, we socialize, we make friends, we travel in groups, we share stories, a place where you are a complete stranger, you don’t know anyone and nobody knows you. You may have some motives and notions, on other occasions, just an empty mind.

It is interesting that you want to be close to people who have no preconceived ideas about you. For you and them, all that matters are your presence and the present, where you can accept yourself and others accept you for who you are. It is a deeply felt emotional expression and the best place to feel free.

Who should stay in a backpacker Hostel?


Rovers, globetrotters, free-spirited and open-minded people who are willing to share a space with others, interested in a cross-cultural experience, people for whom living in a place is more an experience than a luxury and following a set trail. Above all, welcoming and friendly individuals.

The Social Air!

Backpacking and working in the hostels around India, I’ve experienced this social air first hand. A surge of thoughts, emotions, huge energies, friendships. Travellers who come alone with no expectations and leave with a bag full of surprises and stories, the heart tearing goodbyes, tears, laughter and smiles, a warmth that cannot be found anywhere but here.

Where Next?

Khulo par utna bhi mat kholo. The Dos and Don’ts

Your first hostel experience can be a bit daunting. Here are few things to save you from the bait, straight from the survivors:
• Be yourself
When staying in a hostel, keeping yourself bounded, hesitating, trying hard to impress a certain someone or certain someone with an s (cheeky), faking things, can be a very wrong approach to breaking the ice. Instead, stay relaxed, calm, as you are on any normal day.

No extra cheese please!!

• Say no to the same old and boring one-liner conversations
You can start talking to someone at any time about anything, like reading a book or about coffee or something else, not necessarily loading their resume in your minds or vice versa.
Don’t be the butterfly or the bhavara around the flower, but a hummingbird whose presence people can enjoy.

• Your bunk, your family
Sharing a room with 6 other travellers, or 8 maybe 10 or 14! Your dorm room is literally like a small house and your dorm mates, your family. Take care of your bunk as you take care of your house and your family. Respect your dorm mates, their privacy, keep the dorm clean, lower the voices down and the usual, you know what.

• Make the most of your time in the hostel
Participate in tours, activities, events and experiences at the hostel. Some hostels may allow you to help them organise things. Learn more about different cultures and countries, involve yourself in constructive discussions and conversations, keep negativity at bay.

• Finding the right elements and the right people
When you find people, who share the same idea of life and travel as you, it is the start of a new friendship. Make a lot of friends, hang out, have fun!
Just in case you fall in love 😉, wait, hold on. Let us tell you the phase of love in a hostel.


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